Thunder Sounds and Coffee

This is my place to vent, complain, ponder, and make trouble.

Talking about everything with my roommate has been inspiring lately.

It’s made me want to write more. To document my every thought, feeling, and opinion on all the things that have been bothering me for the past few months. I’ve never been a big journal person. Not really. I’ve been known to buy a nicely bound book of blank pages, promising to fill them with my revelations and my emotions, but I never do. I let it sit, empty, in silence, learning nothing, feeling useless.

Well this time I’m not going to buy a fancy notebook or make promises I can’t keep. I’m just going to rely on myself and gather enough determination to make myself write now and in the future. Because I can’t fall asleep easily anymore when my mind won’t stop racing. Filled with questions I can’t answer. Making assumptions that were never real or true. Imagining situations that will never happen or ever change. So my determination is wanting to sleep again. But also wanting the ability to spend time alone without doubting myself and thinking too much. I can’t keep drowning out the images, the memories, the conversations, and the wondering with my headphones. It’s not enough.

So que my inner Carrie Bradshaw because the world needs to know that other people are wondering the same things and feeling the same insecurities as them. Or at least I do. 

Anyways, so this will be my release for a while. Stay tuned.

I’m the guy…


People come for advice, vent, or just plain bitch at…I’ve always been that guy. I don’t mind it at all though. I’d rather be that person for someone, especially if they have no other options. Being helpless is a horrible feeling and I want people to know I’m down to hear them out. I just keep shit in and forget it. That’s how I deal with my problems.